Need for a Team In Planning Your Estate

As an attorney, I often work closely with other advisors who are part of the client’s financial world. We really need each other and should be working as a team to provide comprehensive planning.  The attorney who prepares a plan should be working in concert with the client’s accountant and investment manager, who will be in regular contact with the client after the plan is done. The accountant and investment manager need to be talking to each other, and they each need to know when they and the client need to be talking to the client’s attorney.

The team needs to recognize the value of each other’s work. The team needs to be vigilant that the team is complete and the client has the right people around to do what the client really needs.

Clients : Do you have the proper teams around you?

Advisors: How often do you encounter an estate plan that’s horribly out of date or clients who’ve missed out on an opportunity? What are you doing to ensure those out of date plans and missing out clients aren’t yours?

Let me know your experiences and what makes a good team.

Author: Alice Reiter Feld
Ms. Reiter Feld has been in private practice for over 30 years. During that time, she’s proven to be a determined fighter for the rights of senior citizens and family members when it comes to elder care options, and on the importance of engaging an elder law attorney to plan and execute a personalized strategy. Her primary areas of practice under the “Elder Law Umbrella” include long-term care needs planning, asset protection planning, estate planning, probate, Veteran’s Benefits, and Medicaid planning and assistance.

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