Certified Elder Law Attorney Alice Reiter Feld and her knowledgeable staff have been helping families in Broward, Palm Beach, and South Florida with all of their needs related to estate planning, Medicaid eligibility, veteran’s benefits, and much more. Furthermore, her commitment to public awareness and education through public seminars and e-mail consumer resources has reached an even wider audience.

Read what these clients as well as elder community leaders have to say, in their own words:

To Whom It May Concern:

In the beginning of 2009 my beloved Wife was suffering from Dementia and other serious medical problems and I could no longer be responsible for her for medical care and welfare. I then consulted with a well known Fort Lauderdale, Florida Attorney. This Attorney referred me to what he said was “The Best Elder Law Attorney in the Fort Lauderdale Area.” That was Alice Reiter Feld, 5701 North Pine Island Road, Suite 260, Tamarac, Florida 33321, Tel. (954)-726-6602.

I then made an appointment to meet Attorney Alice Reiter Feld at her Tamarac Office in April 2009. In the meantime, I placed my Beloved Wife in a very well run Managed Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Alice Reiter Feld accepted my case and thru the Expert Investigation and Legal Handling of my case by her Staff my Wife received a Medicaid Approval from the Dept of Children and Families and thankfully my Beloved Wife has been receiving excellent 24 Hour care since that time at the Nursing and Rehab Center where she is Permanent Patient, thanks to Alice and her Staff.

Each year there is a Medicaid Case Review by an Excellent and Compassionate Member of Alice Reiter’s staff. She is Ms. Ada Zeisel.

Ms. Ada Zeisel has been managing my Wife’s Case since 2009. She is one of the most competent and compassionate Persons I know. She keeps in contact with me here and in Europe and keeps me informed of all aspects of my Wife’s case. Recently I ran into a problem at the Nursing Home and left a message on her extension at the Law Office during the past Holiday Season. I was out of Town and Ada shortly contacted me at my Son’s home in Albany, New York. I told her of the problem and she expertly advised me what to do so that I had peace of mind. Ada is a wonderful person and certainly reflects great credit on the Law firm of Alice Reiter Feld. Thanks Ada.

I would not hesitate to highly recommend The Law Firm of Alice Reiter Feld and her Excellent Staff for any matter concerning Elder Law or if you are in a similar situation I was in attempting to get Medicaid Approval for my Beloved Wife. I am currently on Alice’s E-mail list and I receive an Excellent Informative E-Mail every week. I would urge you to review her website at www.florida-elderlaw.com Sadly, Alice lost both of her Parents recently and has the compassion and legal expertise to understand the plight of Elder Care and Elder care Victims. Thank you Alice and may God Bless you and your Staff.

PS: Happy New Year to you and your Staff.

January 17, 2013

Sincerely,Gerald W. Colbert
Sunrise, Florida

Jodi Bergman and the rest of the team:

After my Grandfather, John, suffered a major stroke several years ago, himself and my Grandmother, Sally, moved permanently from New York to Florida. For six years my Grandmother was able to take care of my Grandfather with almost no assistance. Finally, in late 2011, after Grandpa took several falls, it became clear that it was no longer safe for him to reside at home. My Grandmother had to make the most difficult decision of her life – moving Grandpa into a nursing home.

Being an attorney myself, I scheduled appointments with several of the “prominent” elder law firms in my area and flew down to Florida to assist Grandma in the process. I was less than impressed. Shortly after returning to New York, disheartened and without having retained a firm, I received a call from Grandma. Grandma informed me that she had just spoken to her sister-in-law, who knew a retired judge in southern Florida. The judge urged us to call the Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld, stating that they were the best in the business. I called and scheduled an appointment and flew back down to Florida.

From the moment Grandma and I walked into the office, we knew something was different. Every single person, from the receptionist up, was outgoing and pleasant. The attorney who we originally sat down with was knowledgeable, patient and extremely compassionate. She understood and appreciated the fact that this was a huge decision for my Grandmother – effectively losing her husband of 50-plus years – not simply a medicaid application and an estate plan. When we left after that initial meeting Grandma was on the verge of tears because she knew that this difficult process was going to be made easier by having such a great team of people on our side.

Once the process began, Jodi Bergman became our main contact at the firm. At Grandma’s request, I was kept abreast of the progress of the case. Ms. Bergman was always accessible, pleasant and informative. Might I also add, she has the patience of a saint! Whenever Grandma became unsure or nervous about something a quick phone call from Ms. Bergman would instantly calm her.

When the process was complete, the results were just as they were promised at the initial meeting. Grandpa now resides at a lovely nursing home less than two miles from my Grandmother’s residence. He is in a safer environment, as is Grandma.

I cannot thank Ms. Bergman and the rest of the team at the Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld enough. They were excellent in every way. Whenever a client or attorney asks me if I know of an Elder Law/Estate Planning Attorney in southern Florida, I am so happy to send them this way. Thanks again!

January 15, 2013

Kind Regards, Nicholas Connolly

Dear Ada Zeisel,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help with renewing my parent’s medicaid standing for 2012. This has taken a tremendous amount of pressure off my aging parents (the Rosenberg’s) and also my husband and myself.

Your professionalism and knowledge of this process is unsurpassed. You are a pleasure to work with and you are a real asset to Alice Reiter Feld’s Law practice. Without you I do not know what we would do. Once again, thanks for all the help and support in this very difficult process.

March 20, 2012

Ada, you are the best.Susan and Frank Bell

Dear Tracy,

I just wanted to say Thank You for all of your help & hard work. I am so grateful to you for getting my mom & stepfather their credit from Pioneer/Conseco. You have no idea how much that meant to my mom & in turn, how much it meant to me.

Your patience & kindness means more than you can ever know.

March 11,2012

With much appreciation,Amy Spector

Dear Ada,

I wanted to say thank you for showing a forgotten sense of humanity to me during our telephone conversation today. When my sister passed away at the age of thirteen, I thought that was a difficult time. And, when my Dad passed nearly five years ago I, too, thought that was a difficult time. I have spent my life in the practice of Pharmacy and have seen much horror and death. But, few things haunt me as much as my beloved sister and father’s deaths. I was raised to not ask for anything. I was taught how to “fix” things. To this day I am the one people call to get their health care needs and questions dealt with. I cannot fix my mother. And, I must ask for help in the way of Medicaid. This goes against everything I was taught not to do. However, this is a situation I cannot fix. I do need the help. This process is draining me in a way I thought to be not possible. I find it hard to sleep, hard to be a husband and a father, hard to be a man.

I am sorry for using your time in this way. However, in this insane world that I find myself in at the moment, you seem to show the humanity that should exist and is so absent.

August 1, 2011

Sincerely,Rick Halpern

Dear Alice, Jodi, and the rest of the staff:

I want to thank you for all that you did for me. I am just about starting to get the extra money and it feels so good! I really can use i Linda sends her thanks, too.

Take care of yourselves and stay well.

July 4, 2011

Fondly, Beverly Schwartz

Dear Alice,

My husband Bob and I would like to thank you for the e-mails concerning those with dementia/Alzheimer’s. This last e-mail provided us with useful information concerning bathing and loss of control of the bowels. Unfortunately, we have just placed my mother in law in a Masonic Home in PA due to her dementia. We do take comfort knowing that she is in a beautiful place and will be well taken care of by a very lovely and kind staff. This recent email and previous ones have helped us understand what is happening to her at this stage in her illness. Thank you again for sending your information and please continue as we know she will be going into different stages of dementia and Alzheimer;s as time continues.

Have a blessed day and God bless you and your staff as you continue your work.

June 19, 2011

Sincerely, Nancy and Bob Bailey

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you and your staff for the outstanding job in establishing Long Term Care through Medicaid and Estate Planning for my father, Alexander Alexios.

In November 2010, my 89 year old Father went from being healthy and totally independent and self-sufficient to bedridden almost overnight because of an unknown Heart condition which left him helpless. He had no will, long-term health care arrangement, or estate plan in place. My father (like many others in his generation) is very stubborn, independent, and private when it comes to his financial records and estate planning (which consisted of a mess of papers in boxes). Having never gone through this before, we didn’t know where to start as to how to get his affairs in order.

After contacting a few Lawyers and explaining our problem and the urgency of the situation which needed to be resolved now because there was no plan in place and the tight time frame we were working in, we were told it would take anywhere between six months to a year to resolve these issues, establish his estate, and get him on Medicaid.

Then, we contacted your office in Tamarac, FL and set up our first appointment. During our first meeting, we quickly realized your staff is very knowledgeable, sincere, understanding, and extremely experienced in this matter. We contacted your company in February and my Father was approved for Medicaid in March and his Estate plan was in place as promised. You delivered as promised. Other Law Firms said it would take six months or more.

I also want to especially thank Jodi Bergman and Patty Keyes for their understanding, compassion, guidance, and information in establishing my father’s Estate and working hard to resolve the Medicaid issues. Also, Jodi kept us informed of the progress and quickly resolved any problems or issues that popped up. Additionally, we were very impressed with the timely replies we received from your firm concerning questions. Every time I contacted your firm, Jodi and Patty were very accessible and quickly replied back.

Again, I can not say enough to thank you and your staff, because of them we were able to devote all of our time and efforts on the care of my father (Alexander Alexios) and help in my Father’s recovery knowing the Estate Plan and Medicaid issues were being handled by the best.

Thank you to you and your staff again, you helped us get through a very difficult situation and made it a pleasure to work with you.

June 2, 2011

Thank You again, George Alexios

To The Law Office of Alice Reiter Feld,

As the caregiver for the last six years to my mother and dementia patient Rosa Veres, the last six months have proven to be, by far, the most difficult. I was in denial, surely I could single handedly take care of my lovely aging mother. Wrong! As mom’s condition progressively worsened, I knew she needed a long-term care solution, but I had no idea where to turn. One day, while cleaning my mother’s bedroom, I found an advertisement for Alice Reiter Feld’s florida-elderlaw.com that Mom had somehow put aside while reading the morning paper. Well, I figured a phone call couldn’t hurt.

The rest is now history.

After calling and arranging the initial meeting I was pleasantly surprised at the support system that began to appear in my email inbox. Information that eery caregiver could use to make taking care of their loved one much less stressful. In the initial meeting, a plan was developed for mom’s long-term care and estate planning. This is where Ada Zeisel and Jodi Bergman excelled.

Ada, thank you for your knowledge and professionalism in helping me place my mother in a nursing home and for navigating the Medicaid minefield. Your perseverance and attention to detail has reduced my stress level considerable and made this a very straightforward process.

Jodi, thank you for analyzing my mother’s financial condition and determining the best way to meet my mother’s estate needs. I know for a fact that I would not have been able to do this “elder care thing” without your help.

Alice, thank you for your wonderful, compassionate staff – Patricia, Bruce, and Tracey, et.al. I can heartily recommend your eldercare practice to anyone who may find themselves in need of caring for an elderly patient.

May 23, 2011

Sincerely, Gerald Veres

I can’t express how much I appreciate what you have done for my aunt. Her quality of life is all the better because of your work and for that I am grateful. Thank you.

May 20, 2011

E. Olivari

Alice Reiter Feld has made presentations at both Willow Wood and Horizon Bay Tamarac, to both professionals and caregivers. She is able to speak on very complicated topics – Alzheimer’s Disease, Veteran’s Benefits, Medicaid Eligibility – and make them understandable and interesting. She is engaging, compassionate, and never talks down to her audience. Alice’s expertise in the area of elder law makes her one of our most engaging speakers. In addition, Alice’s staff is knowledgeable and accommodating to all their clients. It’s always a pleasure to refer business to the Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld, because we know their issues will be solved according to the law and with dignity.

May 9, 2011

Melissa Rapkin Director of Community Outreach
Willow Wood & Horizon Bay Tamarac

It is a distinct pleasure to send this response to your e-mail request regarding guest speaker Patricia Keyes’ presentation on Elder Law to our Joseph Chimerine Post 819.

Ms. Keyes obviously was extremely well-prepared and knowledgeable about the subject and covered the many important issues in an easy-to-understand manner.

Ms. Keyes certainly represented Feld & Associates as a very special ambassador, and our membership did express their gratitude and appreciation to her for the time and effort she gave to us.

May 5, 2011

Respectfully, George Cohen Post Commander, Jewish War Veterans Of United States Of America

Dear Bruce:

I want to take the time to properly thank you for all your assistance and support. When I first came to you to update my 10 year old will, I had some vague ideas on what I wanted to do. However, after becoming very ill, extensive surgery, long hospitalization, etc., I realized that my new will did not reflect the needs I would have done under those circumstances.

I thank you for being available to speak with my son in New York City. Knowing you were a phone call away was comforting to me. I also became aware of the need to revise my will and Power Of Attorney for Health Care. You were just a phone call / e-mail away and responded instantly to my questions. The changes were done quickly and according to my new-found experience during my illness.

I feel relieved that I was able to make the adjustments quickly. You and your office have made the whole process painless and given me peace of mind. I would heartily recommend your firm to anyone. You gave it a very personal touch which gave me great relied during this difficult time.

Thank you for again for being there for me and my family.

May 5, 2011

Sincerely, Mary Jane Seminara

My name is Roger Norman Frederic Tipler,

I live in Essex, England and my mother lived in Florida, America. Before she died, during a conversation with her, she advised me she used a lawyer named Alice Reiter Feld, PA and that they were an excellent firm.

When she died, I decided to engage them to manage her estate in probate. I am happy with the rates charged, as these are very reasonable.

My contact at the office was Bruce Willing, who is an honest man that speaks the truth. I am very happy with the way my mother’s estate is being handled and I would recommend them in the future.

May 3, 2011

Roger Tipler

Dear Ms. Feld,

On behalf of our Board Od Directors and general membership, please accept our sincerest gratitude for your excellent presentation on the many aspects of Elder Law, a topic that is of paramount importance to us.

I anxiously hope that your admonishments of unforeseen happenings in the future can be avoided by our members who take heed of these possibilities that you carefully explained.

May 1, 2011

Respectfully,George Cohen
Post Commander, Jewish War Veterans Of United States Of America

Dear Ms. Reiter Feld,

On behalf of our 1,000 senior volunteers and our Board of Directors, I would like to thank you for the generous donation of a $65 business card ad in our Commemorative Journal for our Annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon scheduled on May 20, 2011 at the Signature Grand.

Your support of our organization is gratefully appreciated. Thank you again for your generous support.

April 15, 2011

Sincerely,John GragottaPresident & CEO, Senior Volunteer Services

Dear Alice, Jodie and Staff,

Losing my mother rather unexpectedly, with my father quick to follow (five months later), brought huge challenges which I knew I couldn’t handle. Thank God we had the good sense to seek an elder-care attorney while my parents were still in considerably decent health and I know it was the very best thing we could have done. Just think, I found the Alice Reiter Feld law firm on the internet, liked what I saw and took a chance. I struck gold…

I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful team who worked so hard on behalf of my parents. I especially hold such deep gratitude for Alice’s assistant Jodi who literally took me by the hand when I felt so trapped, frightened and alone. She was always there for me. With Alice’s guidance we went through the maze into the world of elder-care. From month to month my parents’ situation changed and accordingly Alice and her team had to change their strategies. Thank you, thank you all for your expertise, your patience, your competency and your support each step of the way and guiding me through the worst time of my life. These people truly care about you and are simply priceless.

Please thank everyone in the firm for all the work done on my parents’ behalf. Though my parents have since passed away, I have peace of mind knowing, working with you, our best interests were in the best hands right till the end and in such a professional business-like manner. I would recommend you wonderful people in a heartbeat.

November 29, 2010

With deepest regards.
Very Sincerely,
Charlotte Bedusa

The Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld,

I want to express my thanks to your staff, particularly Ada Zeisel and Jodi Bergman, for their excellent and professional help, so that my wife, Leah Lerner, could be added to the Medicaid rolls under the “Spousal Refusal” program.

The intricacies of the application program were such that their guidance and assistance were vital in advising me as to the proper papers and forms that had to be filed to get the application approved.

If I had to struggle through the maze of papers required, I would still be working on the application. Instead, my wife is already enjoying the benefits of this Medicaid program, thanks to your very competent assistants.

Again, please convey my thanks to them for their outstanding work.

October 14, 2010

Sincerely, Ed Lerner

Dear Gloria,

Thank you so much for once again helping a VIP Care Pavilion family. So many of our families are so stressed out and have no where to turn when they come to our facility. I do not hesitate to call your office and always get a call back answering my questions or the questions of our families. Alice is very knowledgeable and knows the answer or solution to all our questions especially on Medicaid and Veteran’s benefits. She has always gone above and beyond to help our families at VIP.

Alice has also helped me through some personal issues regarding the illness and subsequent passing of my beloved 48-year old husband.

I have been in this community for 19 years and will continue to reach out to The Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld for myself and my families at VIP Care Pavilion.

August 19, 2010

Yours,Stacey Hamilton Grant
VIP Care Pavilion

I am writing this to let you know what a great pleasure it is working with Ada to administrate my aunt’s (Sara Carrubba) Medicaid program. She is responsive , thorough, and so compassionate in performing her professional tasks.

You are very fortunate to have such a “shining star” as part of your staff.

August 15, 2010

Sincerely,Jules Lazar

The Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld,

This office has been instrumental in guiding and advising me in legal matters with regards to the care of my mother, Shirley Karp. I have had the pleasure of working with this office for the past two years. My mother has been living in a health care facility, The Health Center of Coconut Creek. She has dementia and is legally blind. Ms. Reiter Feld’s office assisted us in obtaining Medicaid benefits for my mother. Last year, when my mother’s case came up for annual review with The Department of Children & Family Services, Ms. Ada Zeisel, the Medicaid Case Manager in this office, successfully, and in a very prompt and timely manner, gather the appropriate information and submitted documents necessary for her case review. She is once again up for her annual review. It is with the utmost confidence that I have requested their services to once again handle this review.

August 12, 2010

Sincerely, Marilyn Orens

Alice, I have been in touch with your staff on my mother’s matters and expect to get the revised package from Patty soon. I wanted to just let you know that I have also been dealing with Gloria Ego, who provided me with info on elder care providers. I had occasion to call her for copies of various things I needed to work with the banking stuff and have found her to be a delightful person to work with; pleasant, responsive, competent. What a pleasure!

July 27, 2010

Jeffrey M. Levy

Dear Gloria,

I just wanted to thank you for all the help and advice you’ve given to my sister and myself, on behalf of our mother. As mom aged and her health declined, we new we needed the services of a firm that dealt with the elderly, and the challenges that they, and their families, face in dealing with their care, both emotional and financial.

After our meeting with Alice, we knew we had chosen the right firm. Alice was sensitive to our situation, but forthright about our options. She spoke directly to me mother, not just to us, and made sure mom understood what was being discussed. It gave us great peace of mind that she offered the services of her staff, notably you, Jodi and Ada, to help us with any problems or issues that might arise in the near future. As you well know, just 3 days after that meeting mom took a fall and is currently in a rehab facility. I was very impressed that you took the time to visit her there, and that Donna (from the home care agency you recommended) also was there to assess mom and help us to find the right caregiver for her.

In the short time we have been clients of your firm, you have used your contacts and experience to guide us through this current rough patch with mom, and have had a calming affect on us when things seemed to be overwhelming. Now we can take a breath, and know we have a resource to call if there’s a problem we don’t know how to solve.

July 13, 2010

Most sincerely, Linda

Hello Ada,

Thank you for the update on my Wife’s Medicaid Review Status. It is very hot in Europe and I see it is hot in South Florida. The only difference is that you have A/C and there is very little A/C in Northern Germany. Ada, I can’t thank you enough for your expertise and your kindness to me this past year. Alice is very lucky to have a person like you on her Excellent Staff. I will return to the USA on Sept 1. Any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know. Have a great Summer and give my best regards to Alice.

July 9, 2010

Sincerely, Gerald W. Colbert

Dear Alice,

Once again, it was wonderful doing business with your thoughtful and caring office staff—when I called in April (just after having major surgery and leaving from hospice) because my husband’s case was going to be closed without any of us being notified, I was extremely upset. But Jodi from your office very sweetly put me at ease by transferring me to your very helpful Ada Zeisel, your Medicaid Manager. Ada relaxed me which I needed and and told me not to worry that she would do everything that needed to be done to re-open my husband’s case and she lifted my spirits with all her dedication. She indeed solved our problem and we are very thankful for all her work and always inquiring about our health, which is finally starting to get better.

June 26, 2010

Thanks again, sincerely, Sylvia Rheaume

Dear Alice,

I am writing to you today to express my gratitude to you and your staff. I can’t imagine managing my affairs without your help.

I recently had a problem with Medicaid and thanks to Ada, the problem was resolved. She was always professional, helpful and courteous. She worked diligently to help us. For that I will always be grateful to her.

I thought you would like to know how much I appreciate you and your wonderful staff.

March 29, 2010

Very truly yours, Roslyn Golden

Dear Gloria,

Thank you for all your help and caring for our Aunt Hilda.

March 20, 2010

Affectionately, Stuart and David Deutsch

Dear Ada,

We thank you so very much for all of your very kind efforts on Sadie’s behalf! You certainly have gone that extra mile and we certainly appreciate it. By the way – as of Friday, Sadie has been approved by Medicaid as of 3/1/10 thanks to you!
Happy, Healthy and Joyful Passover wishes to you and yours.

January 26, 2010

Sadie, Lou and Ellen

Dear Tracy,

I have to tell you my meeting and recent conferences with Alice gave me a wonderful peaceful feeling regarding my family, Bob and Muriel Frumberg and sister Bonnie Lee. Since that meeting you have been incredible in answering my questions and working with me to update the documents for the final signing. You have been sympathetic to the needs of my family. It is a very sincere warm feeling for me as a client to know that someone like you cares at the other end.

December 17, 2009

Sincerely, Laurie Ann Cline

Dear Alice,

First we would like to thank you and your staff for your assistance in securing Medicaid approval for my father, Richard P. Shaw, once again. Your office’s expertise and connections have been invaluable to us in our hour of need.

We would especially like to tell you that Ada has been very thorough and attentive to detail in all aspects of my father’s Medicaid applications. She was the one who straightened out the initial application and finally got an answer on what months were covered and what months were not. Also, Ada was very expedient in our newest challenge with the Department of Children and Families’ – the annual review. She contacted us immediately upon receipt last week of the annual Medicaid renewal application and told us what information and documents we needed to gather to complete it. She also obtained a desperately needed extension as they were asking for submittal on DECEMBER 14TH!!!! only a week from receipt of the renewal form. Ada’s connections with the Dept. of Children and Families were very valuable in obtaining the extension and expediting the annual Medicaid renewal. In fact, the whole process has been completed today with as little stress on my mother and me as Ada could provide.

Ada has been a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend her services. She conducts herself in a professional and friendly manner that puts your mind at ease. We look forward to working with her again.
Thanks again for all you do and Happy Holidays!

September 29, 2009

Sincerely, Mary Ann Shaw and Rose Mary Shaw

Dear Alice,

Seldom do I have a chance to thank and praise the work that you and your staff do for your clients of which I am fortunately one of those lucky folks. The care and consideration your staff has shown to Joan and I have been exceptional. The stress and strain of being a caregiver for so long had taken a toll on me but you guys have taken all the worry and concern off my 85 year old shoulders. I would like to pay a particular complement to Ada, whose pleasant attitude and genial demeanor has made this part of our lives so much easier to bear. You are indeed lucky and wise to have assembled such a competent staff .Again thank you for helping us in this difficult time of our lives.

July 14, 2009

Ben/Joan Greenberg

Dear Jodi,

Thank you so much for being with me through this transition period and the little depression I was in and did not know it. You went above and beyond with me and always so patient and encouraging . You are a great asset to the Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld. I appreciate all that you have done for me.

July 14, 2009

Love, Sylvia Rheaume

Dear Attorney Alice Reiter Feld,

Thank you so much for taking our case – We appreciate it so much. You always made us feel so special by going the extra mile for us.

Your office is a great place to do business with and your staff is always so pleasant and friendly. No one ever made us feel like we were imposing with our endless questions. We are fortunate to have you all.

Congratulations on your new office. It is so beautiful with a friendly atmosphere!

July 1, 2009

God Bless You! Raymond and Sylvia Rheaume

Dear Alice

Our many thanks for your kind donation as well as all the wonderful help you were to our mom.

June 24, 2009

Richard and Pam Duffield

Hi Alice-

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a great job Ada has done for my mother (Martha Marcus) in Originally negotiating with DCF for Medicaid assistance, and in the continuing review. The original negotiation was quite complicated:

  • Getting DCF approval for declaration of my sister as disabled.
  • Providing trust fund advice and directives.
  • Working successfully with DCF to explain the transfer of funds involving 7 different bank accounts.
  • Obtaining final approval for Medicaid support.

Recently, at the end of May my mother’s case came up for review. I had just departed the USA for an extended trip to Africa, and was unable to support the review date.

Ada successfully negotiated a postponement until the end of July ( very difficult to do) so that I could comply with the annual DCF review.

June 12, 2009

Thanks for all your support, Bob Marcus

The staff of the Law Office of Alice Reiter Feld has been a wonderful experience for me and my mother Leatrice Landsman who resides at Harbour’s Edge nursing home in Delray Beach. One stand out who has helped me tremendously has been Ada Zeisel. Her professionalism and quick response to me and my Mom needs has always been on the mark. Ada quick responses for my Mom’s paper work is up to date. Always contacts me with the answers of any questions I may have concerning the needs for my Mom. It is such a pleasure as a son to sleep very well at night knowing that Ada has always been their for me as well as Mom. Ada is a great asset to the team at the Law Office of Alice Reiter Feld.

May 15, 2009

Many Thanks, Brian Landsman


Thank you so very much for all your help. I know I’m a pest calling you all the time, but I have no one else to help! John P.

April 3, 2009


Just wanted to let you know, I truly appreciate the effort you have put forth for me regarding this situation of trying to establish a new lower payment for my dad for calendar year 2009. You have kept me up to date on all the developments that have transpired involving the DCS, and that has been most comforting.

I must say in the 2 ½ years I have been associated with your law firm, I have been extremely pleased with everything Alice and you have done for me. My gut instinct was to choose your law firm because of Alice’s ties to New York, and I was absolutely correct.

March 24, 2009

Thanks again, Jeff Arbeit

Dear Laurette,

We loved every minute of your attention to us.

We’re sad but we’re glad because you’ll be able to relax a little more and Peter and Steven will relax with you and it will be a nice change and for the best. You’ll like it and will enjoy making everything look nice and homey. And it’s still Florida, sunny and warm for now and a little hot for later.

You’ll hear from people who love you (us) and your life will go on with your loving family together.

Gloria will continue in the best way she knows how absorbing your expertise input and we’ll all have to cooperate and remember who the best caring, helpful, gorgeous angel person who came to save us and opened a path for us to better living and that’s you, Laurette dear.

We’ll always be grateful to you and you should stay well and happy!

March 11, 2009

Lila & Julie


Just wanted to let you know, I truly appreciate the effort you have put forth for me regarding this situation of trying to establish a new lower payment for my dad for calendar year 2009.

You have kept me up to date on all the developments that have transpired involving the DCS, and that has been most comforting. I must say in the 2 ½ years I have been associated with your law firm, I have been extremely pleased with everything Alice and you have done form me. My gut instinct was to choose your law firm because of Alice’s ties to New York, and I was absolutely correct.

March 11, 2009

Jeff Arbeit

Dear Alice,

Thank you for the prompt and courteous service we received in the reinstatement of our mother’s (Mary T. Vigilante) medicare. Ada Zeisel, your Medicaid Case Manager, was so obliging and efficient in this matter. Her hard work and dedication is appreciated greatly.

March 3, 2009

Joseph A Vigilante
Nicholas C. Vigilante

To whom it may concern:

I have been dealing with the law firm of Alice Reiter Feld since June of 2008 regarding the health care of my father. They have been knowledgeable and responsive in the issue of eldercare and always have time for me when I call. I am managing my father’s care from a long distance and they make a difficult task very manageable.

I would recommend this firm to anyone with an elder care question or concern. They know the ropes of a difficult and confusing issue with many pitfalls and can advise you how to navigate a very trying time in any family.

March 3, 2009

Marilyn Jenney

To the office of Alice Reiter Feld,

I want to inform anyone that needs assistance with elder care that the office and staff handled our questions with the utmost knowledge. We walked in the office in total panic mode and immediately we were put at ease by the confidence and knowledge that was provided to us in regard to my elderly parent state of affairs. Everything was handled swiftly and competently. We walked out of Alice Reiter Feld’s office feeling a sense of caring and as if a huge weight had been lifted from our shoulders. The services offered by this law firm were even recognized for their knowledge by Miss Tarah Bloomfield from the State of Florida Department of Children and Families.

Thank you once again for making a painful experience into on that led us in the right direction. Because of our experience we highly recommend this law firm to anyone facing similar problems as we did.

March 1, 2009

Susan and Frank Bell

To the Law Office of Alice Reiter Feld,

I would like to take this time to personally thank Ada Zeisel for all her caring and hard work and professionalism that Ada has shown with my mother that has been diagnosed with dementia. This time in her life to be stricken with this illness has taken a toll not just with my mother but also with her children. Ada’s diligent research and knowledge of finding long-range programs that will continue to give my mother the correct medical care has comforted me with the decision that I chose the Law Office of Alice Reiter Feld. Jodi Bergman worked tirelessly to procure Veterans’ benefits for my mother.
Thank you to the staff and to Alice Reiter Feld.

Feb. 27, 2009

Lawrence S. Berkowitz, Ed D.

Dear Atty Alice Feld and Staff,

Thank you so much for taking on our case, regarding my husband, Raymond Rheaume who now is in a wonderful nursing home due to your gracious guidance. That was a tremendous help making the task so much easier.

I especially appreciate your suggestion of bringing my children and brother to our first meeting on December 2nd, 2008. Your receptionist Debbie, along with others did everything to make us feel so welcome and relaxed as I admit I was quite nervous but that soon left. We so enjoyed our interview with us asking so many questions Atty Feld and you were great with all your advice, never making us feel rushed. Thank you.

The legal assistant Jodi Bergman, that you assigned to us sure has been a tremendous help with so much she has had to do regarding our case and the endless phone calls I have made to her and never making us feel I was calling too much. She has been a real rock for me. I’m sure your phone receptionist Becky, knows my voice.

We are grateful you and your staff were recommended to us. Thanks again.
God Bless You.

February 26, 2009

Sylvia Rheaume & Family

Dear Alice,

It was a little over a year ago when I was given your name and number by my Income Tax man. I was alone, filing a joint return, and my husband home, unable to participate in what had been his responsibility up until then. My husband and I had, for a few years, covered up his “memory loss” and I could not hide his condition any longer. We were alone, isolated (our own fault) and I did not know where to turn. That step, calling your office, saved us both. We had no idea of where to begin, how to navigate “the system” etc.

Thanks to your compassionate, caring, knowledgeable staff; under the kindest, sharpest, most energetic, hands on guidance from you, a year later we are seeing the “light at the end” and my husband is happy in his care. He is where he belongs! Thanks to you all!

January 21, 2009

Mary Rosenbaum

To whom this may concern; Without the help of the Law Office of Alice Reiter Feld my brother and I would have been “up sh__’s creek”.

Maxine Cohen
Dr. Andrew Ro

Dear Alice,

After working with you and your staff I felt compelled to write this letter.

As a business author, I write and speak on topics of marketing and how to make better connections with customers. I have spoken to thousands of business professionals, executives and budding entrepreneurs over the years.

After I am through with my presentations, I take questions from the audience and these questions never fail to discourage me as it becomes abundantly clear that a HUGE percentage of businesses in this country are not focused on making their customers happy.

Here’s my point. I hired your firm to help me from a legal perspective to manage my 95 year old Grandfather’s affairs (and shortly thereafter my 93 year old uncle).

While the process of being Power of Attorney and caring for an elderly relative was not only new to me it was a bit overwhelming. When I hired your firm I never expected anything but legal advice and corresponding documentation.

The Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld completely exceeded my expectations. In fact, you and your AMAZING staff blew me away (which is not an easy thing to do, I’m from NJ and don’t impress easily). Your firm not only gave me sound legal advice but you provided guidance that could have only come from someone that truly cares. It was very clear to me that the accolades on your office wall were well deserved.

Your staff continually bends over backwards to help even if it has nothing to do with the legalities of my families affairs. If I looked up, “incredible” in the dictionary there would undoubtedly be a picture of Debbie, Jodi, Marisa and the rest of your team as they are the epitome of that word.

As I end this letter and prepare to continue my journey on the speakers circuit I am now armed with a positive story to tell about a law firm in Tamarac Florida filled with caring people who have set the customer service bar so high you would have to be an Olympic pole vault champion to reach it.

I sincerely thank you for the great work you have done and thank you in advance for all the great work you will certainly do in the future.

Larry Bailin Toms River, New Jersey

I can’t say enough about the assistance received from Alice and her staff. They were most helpful in assisting Mom and me plan for Mom’s future after the death of my Dad, and when Mom passed away not too long after, they went the “extra” mile for our family to make what could have been a very stressful, complicated and difficult situation as easy as possible. There was always someone available to answer my questions and help in any way possible. Alice, Jodi, Laurette and the rest of her staff have always been professional, helpful and caring in doing whatever they could to handle whatever issues arose.

Iris S. Cohen Coral Springs, Florida

We’ll always be grateful to you for making our mountain of a situation a climbable hill. You came into our lives when we needed a safe route to sanity and survival.

When Alice asked us “What keeps you up at night?” We pointed to the rolling suitcase we brought with us that was filled with paperwork. She sent her Family Services Coordinator to our home to get us started on the road to organization. There she stood, lovely, tall and an angel to come to our aid. Alice must have known she would bring us to shore safely.

The assistance you gave us was beyond our expectations.

Julius and Lila Feldman Tamarac, Florida

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to Alice Reiter Feld for her compassion and consolation when my husband, Marty met his untimely demise. She went that extra mile for me in my time of need. It takes someone special to go beyond the call of duty which she has done on numerous occasions. You know someone’s character when they do everything to make your life comprehensible. She got all of my legal affairs in order. She helped me draw up a new Will when I was so bereaved I couldn’t think straight. But most importantly of all, she gave me the prodding I needed to move forward with my life. She is truly one of a kind.

Janet Spivak Plantation, Florida

I would like to say that it has been a pleasure working with Alice Reiter Feld and her staff in regards to Medicaid planning for my mother Janice R. Kowalski. I must admit that I did visit another elder attorney prior to meeting with Alice. I came away from that other meeting with very little useful information and many unanswered questions, which in turn made me doubt the process.

I was referred to Alice by the North Broward Hospital district and I am very glad that I decided to meet with her and her staff. She laid out a very detailed plan to accomplish the goal of Medicaid eligibility. She and her staff collected all of my mother’s asset information and implemented a step by step process to achieve the goal in mind. Throughout this process I was always consulted, updated, and involved in many aspects of the process (no unanswered questions). Their practice has made me feel extremely comfortable with my choice of attorney.

They truly make you feel comfortable and confident that they have your loved ones best interests at heart. Things have gone very smoothly and I know that my mother and I are in good hands. I would highly recommend Alice and her staff to anyone who has an elderly parent and needs to plan for their long term care.

Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.

Edward M. Kowalski Pompano Beach, Florida

Dealing with failing parents can be very sad, emotional and stressful. Alice and her associates understand this and are compassionate in addition to being totally current with elder law, trustworthy, straight talking, efficient, and professional. Alice or an assistant was always available to answer my questions and kept me informed of the progress of my case. I was so satisfied with the Medicaid planning for my father that I have returned a second time, for planning for my mother.

Marilyn Keating Pompano Beach, Florida

Dear Alice, Laurette and Staff:

Thank you so much for your concern and guidance. You have lead me to places when I did not know where to go. You have given me a sense of faith and hope that I can care for my husband and myself. I now realize I can handle this situation with my husband and not go crazy.

You are a real service to our community and especially to me. God bless you.

Thank you very much,

Kathy Wilson Pompano Beach, Florida

What would I have done if I had not gone to a seminar and heard Alice speak and then call for a consultation?

I am one of the lucky ones. I took care of all legal documents before it was too late. I am able to maintain the home my husband and I shared together. The Family Services Coordinator set up interviews and tours of nursing facilities when the time came for my husband Norman to be taken care by someone other than me. Norman has excellent care in an excellent facility and I have some sort of a life for myself . . . and all because I called Alice.

The staff made it painless and easy during very trying times. I had the whole office staff behind me on all sorts of financial advice and new situations that cropped up that I had no idea how to handle. Someone stepped in and took over when circumstances were so overwhelming for me.

My sister has told me on many occasions . . . That money was well spent. You got more than your money’s worth when you hired Alice.

Marion Kollet
Tamarac, Florida