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Protect Your Assets with a Will, Trust or Estate Plan

You may consider yourself a planner but do you have a Will? A Durable Power of Attorney?  You  may get your annual checkup and take your annual vacation.  But your estate plan?  Thinking about illness, death and dying?   Not so much.

The sad state of Estate Planning is that only 34% of Americans have a will.  Yet, almost 70% think they should have one.

But not talking about death and dying isn’t the only reason.  The vast majority of people find the process daunting and do not feel they have access to good information.  So they procrastinate.

Looking for guidance for you or a loved one?  We can help.

While traditional estate planning deals with death and dying, the contemporary senior or baby boomer is not well served by this narrow approach. These are some of the current issues facing the boomers and contemporary seniors:

  • How do I protect my assets and the assets my family will inherit?
  • How do I know when I can retire?
  • Can I assure that my estate does not go to the “bad” in-law?
  • How do we divide up an estate where there are multiple families and obligations?
  • What do I do with my IRA or 401K?
  • What if I have a child living with me?  How do I divide up my assets fairly?
  • What are the special issues for the non-traditional family ?
  • How do I protect my 2nd spouse and my children at the same time?
  • What if I’m in a blended family?  A same sex relationship?  Split  level family?   A slasher family?
  • What happens if I become disabled?  How will it be paid for?  Who will take care of me?
  • How can I avoiding family arguments?
  • Should I protect my children from themselves and their creditors?
  • What legacy do I want to leave when I’m gone?
  • What else do I want to leave behind?

Daunting?  Not if you let us help.  We have worked with hundreds of families and can help you sort out these issues.  We are professionals at this.  It’s what we do!

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